“Partnership” makes STEM-with-Purpose more special. AQLEM welcomes schools and organizations around the world to partner on STEM With Purpose programs.
Watch the video below to learn all about our STEM With Purpose Summer Programs 2016!

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How will your institution benefit from this partnership?

AQLEM, Inc. will sponsor a STEM oriented instructor as chaperon from your school at the enrollment of minimum 15 students
AQLEM, Inc may give a non-obliged grant, sponsor a student or another chaperon depending on number students enrolled.
A partnership agreement with AQLEM, USA summer program will establish global connections for your institution.
A partnership with an American organization will enhance the image of your school, and give your school an advantage over your competitors.
As a partner School, you have many benefits, like early course registration, International student care, Boarding, airport transfer and a dedicated Summer Session team for support and assistance